This process has taught me that there’s so much more to life, don’t wait for opportunities or permission from people to give you the platform to your life. Step out and rediscover yourself and along the way you will confront your fears and I think its not a bad thing.Your ability to challenge me through this process in a safe, understanding, kind & no judgement way while maintaining your professionalism ensured I felt safe to be vulnerable. As a result of the sessions I have been

– Stepping out and trying new things

– Confronting my fears of hierarchy at work, stepping out from the shadows

– Saying NO to things especially in my personal life and focusing on my self-care

-Being kind to myself

Vanessa, Outsourced Risk Manager

Over the last few months, I have observed an improvement in my self-confidence and self-awareness. Joanne has helped me to explore and gain clarity on my values, career goals and formulate a strategy to achieve those goals. Coaching has equipped me with the necessary skills and resources to navigate new situations and make good decisions as well as be more proactive and assertive. The practice of self-reflection, developed through my coaching sessions with Joanne, has helped me realise how much I have changed. I am able to embrace my self-doubt, have the courage to speak up, ask for support and have difficult conversations. I truly believe that these will be long-lasting changes as I have felt a shift in my mindset.

Joanne provided a safe space for me to gain perspective, analyse my thought patterns and behaviours, and recognise my strengths.  With every session, I feel more energised, motivated and empowered – it’s reassuring knowing that this motivation is sustainable. She has the ability to build rapport with your clients and make them (most certainly me) feel safe, comfortable and able to confide in you. You are also good at asking the right questions that help put things into perspective and draw out unrealised thoughts, solutions, patterns, ideas etc. As a result, I’ve changed jobs, moved house and cities.

I would thoroughly recommend Joanne to anyone who is looking for an incredible coach. Joanne is a warm, patient, intuitive, compassionate and supportive coach.

Val, Finance Governance Manager

Joanne has really helped me to re-define how I look at and talk about myself by drawing on the positive aspects of my life.

Adam, Risk and Governance Manager

The main thing I have gained is confidence in my ability and own thought processes. You have helped me, with the use of key questions, follow my thought processes through rather than just stop at my initial conclusion of them. I feel more confident in my professional ability, as I am clear in my strengths and weaknesses now having had them positively challenged at each session. This has fed through into my personal life too, as I find myself thinking things through more, and in a gentler manner.

Claire, Risk Manager

I enjoyed the opportunity to have someone else prepared to walk with me along the journey. You are very clear in your thinking, draw on a lot of useful work experience and are a person who resists limits. I appreciated all those in our sessions.

Your approach is both supportive and challenging. A great combination! I would particularly say you have the skills to tackle situations where there are issues such as work life balance or finding satisfaction in life.

Sue , Small Business Owner

I have developed a more positive mind-set and gained a new level of maturity around work issues and how to really put them into perspective.  I have enjoyed the challenge of thinking about myself for a change.  This was a massive challenge as for the past how ever many years I’ve only thought about my staff and their feelings, how they work, how I can inspire and motivate them. Joanne is extremely personable.  Honest.  Challenging (in a good way).  Never rushed me when I was struggling to think of something (which I did a lot).  Always came prepared and well informed.  Friendly.

Paul, Operations Quality Assurance Manager