How can Coaching benefit you?

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My coaching style allows for you to explore your own thoughts and beliefs and discover who you are and what you truly want out of life or your business. I’m here to walk with you on your journey of exploration supporting you to take action for sustained and effective change. It’s a collaborative partnership and as a result of coaching you will:

  • deepen your understanding of what makes you tick and why, allowing for continuously better decisions that support your future
  • be able to apply your skills and knowledge into creating goals and plans to move you forward
  • put you in the driving seat of your life choices through taking control of your thoughts
  • enhance your career / life through improving performance
  • allow you to reconnect to things that bring you happiness and joy that may have been lost on your way to this point in time

Life is full of challenges in our careers and personal lives. I’ve faced different challenges such as redundancy, ill-health amongst others but the main tool which has led to me starting a new career was being coached – I only wish I had found it earlier. It gave me courage to allow the conflict I was feeling to emerge and gave me a strength to deal with those feelings bringing me a sense of peace I haven’t had for years. If you want support – book a chat – I’m here to help.

Individual Programmes

1:1 Coaching – Curated sessions tailored to your needs

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1:1 sessions led by you to create a plan for the change you desire. These sessions are led by you for you to make transformational change.

Example Topic for self awareness – Learn how to take control of your decisions and choices by understanding your intellectual and emotional needs.

Example Topics at work – Navigate office politics, build career advancing connections, influence with skill.

Either on-line, face to face, text or walking. Contact me at for more information or book a free 30 minute chat.

4, 6 & 10hr packages available or pay as you go 45 – 90 min sessions. Book a free call below.

Some evening and weekend sessions available – enquire today.

Career Advancement Programme – For those who feel stuck!

This is a 6 session programme focussed on identifying your career needs, where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there.

We will focus on skills, strengths, qualities and values.

We will then look at obstacles and how to overcome them.

You’ll leave with a direction, a plan and the confidence to get going with elevating your career. To find out more click here.

6 structured hourly sessions with email or text contact throughout. More Info

Price £500

Find Your North Star – For those needing direction.

How often do we just go with the flow of life and do things to conform or because someone else expects us to? In the sessions we will focus on helping you make choices that are right for you and are true to who you are.

  • Finding your true purpose – your passions, your ‘why’, what brings you joy, what’s important to have in your life/ career, your intellectual and emotional needs.
  • Look at how you ‘truly and honestly’ want to live your life ( there is no judgement here).
  • Take a reflective reality check and create a realistic plan to suit you
  • Take Action – after all, you want to change right?

Click here for more course details.

Enquire to to discuss your requirements or book a free call.

Programme Cost

6 hours of coaching and 2 x 30 min catch ups.
Workbook to complete. Access to me via email for the duration of the programme.

Price £500

Group Coaching Programmes

Goal Achievers – For those who need action orientated support.

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Group coaching offers not only the opportunity to focus on your development but also allows you to connect with new people , share stories and become a community.

Goal Achievers Course – 10 sessions, a mix of theory and practical exercises. Workbook included. Click here to find out more.

Elevate Your Leadership – Coming soon


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All Welcome

Short on time but really want to invest some time in your personal growth?

These events are 45mins – 2 hours long, can be run for a specific group or join a pre-organised session. Fun and interactive sessions full of insight.

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Discounts on all courses for Graduates, Apprentices, Students, NHS, Emergency Services, Armed forces, Unemployed – please enquire to