Empowering coaching for success and fulfilment.

Do you want more fulfilment from your professional life or business?

Do you want to make a change but need help figuring out what that change is?

Do you want clarity and focus as to where to head next?

 I will partner with you to resolve your challenges and make that impactful change in your life or business.

ICF ACC Accredited Coach, FCCA, BA (Hons)

Client Success: ” This process has taught me that there’s so much more to life, don’t wait for opportunities or permission to give you the platform to your life.” Vanessa, Outsourced Risk Manager, Financial Services

Often in life we think we have very little control over our decisions and choices so we tend to lead a life of circumstance, rather than one of purpose. However, help is here! You actually have more control than you think and I’d love to help you explore this and help you take decisions that are right for you!
To do this something needs to change to clear the way. What do you need to change? Is it your thoughts, your behaviours, how you define who you are, your business or your relationships? These are just some of the things a great coach can support you with. You can head over to our Individuals page to see more detailed information on our coaching options.

Is Coaching for You ?

Are you uncertain about areas of your life; for example

  • Wanting to change your job or have been made redundant
  • Loving your job but struggle with the environment
  • Wondering what to do with your time now the kids have left home
  • Feeling lost – you have everything except a sense of fulfillment
  • Want to turn your hobby into a business but don’t know how
  • You want to travel but your are tied to your job so you don’t think its possible
  • Juggling so many things you are exhausted
  • Want to learn new or revamp old leadership skills

Coaching is a safe space for you to explore all your thoughts and behaviours and can help with all of these things… and more! It can;

  • help you identify and explore your passions, strengths and values
  • find more meaning in your career and life and help you make a bigger impact
  • help you understand your reactions and behaviours in order to change ones that don’t help you reach your goals
  • help you feel more courageous to make changes that lead you to fulfilment
  • come up with tangible and achievable plans to reach your career, business or personal potential

Own your life, take control, make a change. Start your journey today and explore what’s on offer – Individuals Page.

Increasing employee contribution can positively impact the performance of your business or organisation. We offer curated and bespoke packages for team collaboration, leadership skills development and goal alignment. We also offer one of or a series of webinars or face to face sessions. Head over to our Business page for more more detailed information.

Client Success: “Firstly, thankyou for motivating me into actually reflecting and coming to, what I now believe, is the right decision in both the short term and long term. But secondly, thanks for simply listening.”

Phil, Small Business Entrepreneur

Self Development Tools

Getting a coach is a big decision so if you prefer to take smaller steps then head over to the shop to find useful tools, books and my inspiring guided ‘Positively Positive’ Journal .