You talk, I listen.
Feeling free!

The Importance of Being a COACH:

I’m motivated to be the best coach I can be for you. I love to hear people’s stories and am inquisitive (my husband would say ‘nosey’). I’ve spent most of my career leading teams and developing people and always challenged myself to find new and interesting ways to empower people. I love seeing people connect with each other and I also love seeing people’s faces light up when they’ve realised they have had the answer all along. This is my main driver for becoming a coach. I believe in you – now you need to start believing in yourself.

In WORK Mode:

I’m a Change Coach (I love developing better ways of doing things) and I’m also a qualified accountant but I’ve never been a traditional accountant as I’ve spent most of my time developing new systems and processes and managing change across large Finance teams in the Financial Services sector. Therefore adapting to change and dealing with ambiguity, sifting through complexity to get to the root of the challenge is ingrained into me. I use this experience in helping people sift through their thoughts to build an understandable picture of who they are. I’ve seen how finding the purpose of what you do is incredibly important to drive the desire to change and empower people to action. I like being creative and using visual techniques and exercises to enhance understanding and learning. Trust me, it will be fun.

My Guiding Principles For Life

But the most beautiful things in life are not just things.

They’re people and places, memories and pictures.

They’re feelings and moments and smiles and laughter.